Gala Collider Deck Builder

Welcome to Gala Collider’s online deck builder. Here you can view the cards, build your decks, and even publish them for others to see. You can then import it into the game for use.

What Is Gala Collider?

Gala Collider is a constantly evolving card game set four billion years in the future when the Milky Way is amid a multi million year collision with its neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. Head over to our website and sign up for the alpha now!

How Do I Use Deck Builder?

To get started, make yourself an account and click My Decks to start making your first decklist. Click on the rules tab while creating a deck to learn more how decks are constructed. Once you are done, you can use the Publish button to share it with others or the Download button to import it to the game. You can then use the in-game Load button to pull your deck file directly into the game when joining or starting a new match.

Gala Collider Deckbuilder


by Wanstey 1 ·

55 cards

Disaster Deck

by Hoost07 7 ·

41 cards